Founded in 2008 by award winning industry veterans and pioneers, Wide Voice, LLC is a CLEC certified, facilities based network operator providing wholesale TDM and VoIP services to voice applications service providers and carriers.

Wide Voice presently operates and is expanding a “Regional Point of Presence” based network with service hubs located in the most accessible, network neutral and reliable telecom carrier hotels in the nation.

Our network is managed and supervised, 24x7 by network engineering, operations and management staff located in the United States and in Eastern Europe.

CLEC State Certification and Status

  • Arizona (Certified CLEC)
  • California (Certified CLEC)
  • Connecticut (Certified CLEC)
  • Florida (Certified CLEC)
  • Hawaii (Certified CLEC)
  • Illinois (Certified CLEC)
  • Indiana (Certified CLEC)
  • Kansas (Certified CLEC)
  • Kentucky (Certified CLEC)
  • Maine (Certified CLEC)
  • Massachusetts (Certified CLEC)
  • Michigan (Certified CLEC)
  • Montana (Certified CLEC)
  • Nebraska (Certified CLEC)
  • Nevada (Certified CLEC)
  • New Hampshire (Certified CLEC)
  • New Jersey (Certified CLEC)
  • New Mexico (Certified CLEC)
  • New York (Certified CLEC)
  • North Carolina (Certified CLEC)
  • North Dakota (Certified CLEC)
  • Oregon (Certified CLEC)
  • Pennsylvania (Certified CLEC)
  • Rhode Island (Certified CLEC)
  • Texas (Certified CLEC)
  • Washington (Certified CLEC)

Network Hub Locations (as of 4q2013)

Los Angeles, CA

One Wilshire – Core Site
624 S. Grand, 27th Floor
Los Angeles, CA

Sioux Falls, SD

South Dakota Networks
2900 W. 10th Street
Sioux Falls, SD

Miami, FL

Terremark - NAP of America
50 ME 9th Street
Miami, FL 33132-1715

Wide Voice, LLC
410 South Rampart, Suite 390 • Las Vegas, NV 89145
Ph. - 844-844-8444 / 702-553-3007 •