PSTN Flex Connect
Wide Voice IPES Hosting

Do you have an IPES or want one? Wide Voice can deliver calls to your IPES number blocks directly to your IP SIP Trunk. Save the cost and time to set up your own ICA and connections to LECs and IXCs. Wide Voice IPES hosting includes setting up other required services like LERG management, 911, LNP, SMS, CNAM, STIR/SHAKEN and more. If you already have expensive TDM trunks, you will no longer need them, all traffic can be routed to an easily scalable IP connection. Need help becoming an IPES or managing it, we can help with that too. Our services are available in a turn-key all-in-one package or ala-carte. Use only what you need.

Interconnected VoIP Providers

IPES Advantages for Interconnected VoIP Providers

  • Eliminate ICA and TDM trunks
  • Receive calls on a easily scalable IP connection
  • Lower costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Test new markets without large startup costs
  • Expert help for each step