Wide Voice Toll-Free Service

Wide Voice’s Toll-Free service enables you to get calls delivered to any type of business or personal line. These calls would include your customer support, sales inquiries, conferencing and any other business that requires a Toll-Free number to reach you. We can help you with the process of ordering, porting and routing your Toll-Free numbers to your sip interconnection. Wide Voice has all of these services via the access to SOMO’s. All of these Toll-Free services can be implemented very quickly by our team of experts.

If you have end users making Toll-Free calls, with our exceptional connectivity to all of the large IXC’s we have the ability to send them all of your Toll-Free calls for direct termination.


We make it simple.
  • Number selection from either our inventory or a new number
  • Activation and Porting
  • Vanity number search and reserve
  • Toll-Free routing with backup diverse routes and redundancy

Toll-Free Turn-key Services

We make it simple.
  • Obtain new Toll-Free numbers (regular and vanity)
  • Move existing Toll-Free numbers to Wide Voice Toll-Free service
  • Receive Toll-Free calls on a SIP IP trunk or have them routed to phone number
  • Save money with Wide Voice's direct connections to Toll-Free IXCs

Toll-Free Consulting

Want to do it all yourself? We can help.
  • Resporg management - SMS Entries
  • Toll-Free LCR
  • Toll-Free number porting
  • Obtain Toll-Free numbers (regular and vanity)
  • Advise on IXC connections and ordering